September 19, 2006

When Girls Check Out Other Girls

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Girls check out other girls all the time. Whether homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual, girls just can’t keep their eyes off of each other. It is simply a matter of how girls function in a social environment.
Girls eye other girls as a means of sizing up their competition. When a girl walks by another girl, no matter the location, the girls exchange glances in order to scrutinize their opposition. They are trying to determine who is better dressed, prettier, thinner, rounder, shorter, taller, bustier, more confident, more popular, more social, more intelligent or in general just a better female specimen. The girls may not actually be contending against each other in any formal circumstance, but a psychological antagonism does exist.
This mutual checking out has been occurring with females since an early age and may never cease. As soon as girls are aware that other girls are judging them just as they are judging others, they become part of the checking out process. Going through sorority rush is the ultimate example of girls checking each other out. The girls that are rushing eye their rivalry, estimating their superior and inferior qualities and predicting their chances of winning a bid over their opponents. The girls already in the sororities are checking out the rushees in order to ascertain whether they’re fabulous enough to become members of their organization.
Girls also check each other out in order to maintain their presuppositions about other girls. If you walk by a girl that you do or do not like, the easiest way to validate your attitude is by creating an opinion on her outfit that corresponds with your current view. Like how your friends always look super cute, or how that bitch from the other night looked awful in those skinny jeans.
It somehow always seems that this process of checking other girls out only substantiates what these girls are already thinking about themselves as well. Either they think that they are god’s gift to the world, and viewing others confirms that; or, they’re insecure and the sight of others makes them feel even worse. The most apparent and directly evident of these qualities is an outfit.
One of the most basic reasons that girls check each other out is to see what their contemporaries are wearing. If you notice a girl in your lecture wearing leggings in a way that you hadn’t conceived, chances are that the next day you will imitate that style. Any fashion conscious person is constantly being inspired by their surroundings, and those influences will have a direct effect on how they buy and wear their clothing.
Girls are virtually shopping everywhere that they go. A stroll from Collegetown to Central Campus is literally a walk on the Cornell runway. Any observant student will notice that a trek across campus is essentially equivalent to flipping through the pages of an eclectic fashion magazine. The only problem is that prices and store locations aren’t written across girls’ foreheads. When a friend tells you, “Oh, I love your sweater,” she is basically telling you that within the week she too will be wearing that sweater.
The next time that you accuse your female friend of checking out another girl, just remember that she may have an ulterior motive. She isn’t checking out the behind on the chick walking in front of her, but rather, she is examining the pocket stitching on the girl’s jeans, trying to determine if the she is wearing those new Earnest Sewns.