September 21, 2006

Kite Flying Society's Where Is The Glow?

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Kite Flying Society is one of the newest bands in the San Diego music scene, and their tunes are as happy-go-lucky, sunshine-y, rolling-down-grassy-hills and blowing bubbles as their name suggests. On their debut album Where Is the Glow?, the five-piece band attempts to cultivate a revival of effervescent ’60s pop rock akin to the Lovin’ Spoonful or the Monkees.
The glow indeed emanates from your iPod earphones as well as its backlight when listening to the melodic and blissful fusion of lyrics and notes lead singer Dustin Illingworth and his bandmates croon as in “Love and Seagulls”: “All of the trees make music for me, as green as the grass leading out to the sea/ And in that time, so quiet divine, the foamiest friend is mine/ And all the world that you knew wants to give the breeze to you/ It’s a carousel of youth oh what a companion!” The three-part harmonies are supported by everything from a violin to a glockenspiel, while other tracks like “Groundflower” are acoustic lullabies to round out the album.