September 21, 2006

The Skinny on Stick-Thin

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Apparently there is such a thing as ‘too skinny’, even in the glamorous world of high-end fashion. The long-time coveted clothes hanger body type was subjected to government intervention in Spain earlier this month. The story goes that Spain’s top fashion show rejected a slew of models, accusing them of being too skinny. Upon calculating the models’ body mass index — a measure of their weight relative to their height — more than one-third of the women proved not just to be severely underweight but jobless as well.
Since as far back as the ’60s, when Twiggy first ruled the runways, rail-thin figures have embodied a designer’s dream – that awkward bunching of sheer chiffon over a tummy roll never quite achieving the same willowy-cool look as the alternative of effortless draping over strikingly defined shoulder blades and tight stomach. So why the sudden attempt to undermine this alleged beauty phenomenon? Some credit it to the harrowing rise of young women with body related image issues and eating disorders, while others predict that it is simply the fashion cycle drawing us back to the enviable curves of Marilyn Monroe. Regardless, curves are definitely making a comeback, especially in the United States where idolized celebrities boast healthy, toned bodies accentuated with just the right amount of butt and boob. A few favorites are Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore and a personal love, Charlize Theron.
Curvy people are no doubt the majority, not the minority and tailoring to this particular body shape should be the norm, not the exception. Unfortunately, though, this fuller look still isn’t regarded desirable by most of us and it is the emaciated look we crave. So, for now if your (distorted) perception of having hippo size hips is getting you down, read on as we provide you with a few tips on how to cash in on your gorgeous voluptuous proportions until curves become a full-blown movement.
First things first – if you’re lucky enough to have the cleavage, why not flaunt it! Low-cut tops are great for subtly flashing that alluring bit of skin; just be sure to tone down the rest of your look. A combo of a sassy, kimono-style top paired with straight-cut jeans and killer heels is sure to streamline.
Long earrings will definitely elongate a fuller face. Steer away from flashy, chandelier earrings as they clutter up the facial area (and are so passé). Rather, opt for simple, sleek shapes made of wood or metal; at the moment, we’re loving pieces that are spiced with ethnic flavor and an antique feel. One-size-fits-all, vintage jewelry is sure to make any outfit a bit idiosyncratic and distinctively your own. Two local stores that may tide you over until you’re back in civilization are Ten Thousand Villages and Petrune, both on the Ithaca Commons.
Finally, so simple you’ve probably already sub-consciously realized it for yourself, big bags are a no-brainer when looking tiny is your goal! An ample bag will balance an hourglass figure, but do not invest in something that overwhelms, or worse, throws you off balance. So might we suggest a pleasant sized bag (laden with metallic hardware for the determinedly trendy girls), but perhaps slightly more voluminous than your typical Longchamp tote, making it functional, fashionable and most importantly, figure-flattering!
While we wait for the public to catch up with the trends, take a cue from this seasons large-proportioned accessories and appear svelte while still embracing your sexy curves!