September 26, 2006

Family Ties Run Deep at Cornell, Bring Teams Together

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Senior Lindsay Moyer and sophomore Matt Moyer don’t share everything in common. They have different first names, ages, and even different haircuts. Besides that, though, the Red athletes Lindsay and Matt are two of a kind.

Brother and sister, Matt and Lindsay have always shared a special bond growing up. And that bond manifested itself through sports.

“As kids, if we were ever just sitting around, my mom would always say ‘go out and play,’” Lindsay said. “We played all kinds of sports. We were very active as kids and we did everything together.”

Now, in college, their special bond, as well as their athletic careers, have been elevated to another level. Lindsay is co-captain of the field hockey team, and Matt, a sophomore long-stick midfielder, played in every game last season for the men’s lacrosse team.

Lindsay said that she had a big influence on her younger brother’s choice to come and play lacrosse at Cornell, although initially, Matt wasn’t all that sure.

“He could’ve gone anywhere he wanted, but I told him to keep an open mind [about Cornell],” Lindsay said.

But after a trip up to campus one weekend for a pair of Lindsay’s field hockey games, Matt fell in love with the school, and committed shortly thereafter.

“I was shocked,” Lindsay said. “I didn’t think he’d necessarily want to follow in my shoes. But here we are. And it’s pretty cool.”

Last season marked the first time in six years that Lindsay and Matt actually competed for the same school.

Yet, despite playing for different high schools, they still managed to attend many of each other’s games. And that unyielding support has only grown stronger at Cornell.

They’re at all of each other’s home games — sports schedules permitting. Matt even plans to travel for some his sister’s closer road games this fall.

In the spring, their roles reverse, and Lindsay will be the one cheering her brother on under the bright lights of Schoellkopf Stadium.

“Lindsay usually runs up to the front row of the stands for a high-five or a thumbs up after the game,” Matt said.

Last spring, she even flew down to North Carolina for the lacrosse team’s big match-up against Duke. She got to watch her brother help the Red avenge a loss to the Blue Devils from the previous season.

Lindsay, a former high school all-state lacrosse player herself, said that she and Matt are constantly providing each other with support, advice, and words of encouragement. “We’re always honest with each other,” Lindsay said. “We don’t get offended. Matt has seen all of my games and probably knows more about field hockey than I do,”

Their support for one another extends off the field as well.

“We’ve always been really close. He’s one of my best friends,” says Lindsay. Matt also feels that his relationship with Lindsay has become even stronger now since coming to Cornell, because not only do they attend the same school and share so much in common, they’re also both more mature. “I look to her more for guidance. … I’m constantly asking questions.”

Matt says that since he and his sister have been at Cornell, their family has become closer. After every home game, the Moyers have a routine of going out to dinner for a little post-game grub and chat. Their parents have always served as a “strong support cast” for the two siblings.

“They never miss a game,” Matt said. “I can always find [my family] there. No matter how many people are at a game, there are only three people who really matter.”

When trying to create good chemistry, coaches often make the analogy that a team is like a family. For the Moyers, that couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

“I look up to her so much,” Matt said. “She’s become a best friend, almost a mother figure. I know she’ll always be there for me. … Lindsay is the best at what she does. There’s nothing better than getting to see her in the same uniform colors as I get to wear on Saturdays.”

With her brother’s words bringing tears to her eyes, Lindsay spoke with similar admiration of her brother.

“I look up to him so much,” Lindsay said. “The way he handles himself; he’s so levelheaded, confident. … He has the biggest heart. He’s always there when I need him. I love him more than anything.”