September 28, 2006

You Are What You Say

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Snippets of overheard conversations create a distinct anthropological and sociological sketch of life on the hill. In this sampling, we see the typification of freshman boys, the importance of beer pong, the college diet, and the sense of humor that politics keeps. One cannot help but wonder if these pieces spliced together present a coherent picture of who we are as a society. They at least form a pretty ridiculous running dialogue. Thanks to all who’ve contributed, especially Overheard at Cornell at Check out the website, keep your ears open (iPod free?), and send the best you’ve got to [email protected]. Every Thursday in the Sun.

Girl: Why are we so bad at conversation?
Guy: We have to, like… like… like, I don’t know.
– Libe Café

Freshman Guy One: Hey dude… how many guys do you think have whipped out their balls in the middle of the quad?
Freshman Guy Two: Uhh I don’t know…
Freshman Guy One: Cause I just did!!!
– Arts Quad

Girl: OMG I was in History class today, and I couldn’t resist, I HAD to scratch it.”
– Linden Avenue

Hip Asian Girl: He didn’t DO it though did he?
Hip Asian Boy: Yeah, he did. He’s so stupid.
Hip Asian Girl: I know. I mean, hasn’t he taken sex ed before? Doesn’t he KNOW where babies come from?
– Outside Uris Library

Sorority Girl: So uh, yeah, do you think I could, you know, go to your formal?
Frat Boy: Well, I asked Linda*, but if she says no, I guess you can.
Sorority Girl: No, I don’t want to be second choice!
Frat Boy: Well, you’re not, really. Nicole* and Lisa* already said no.
Sorority Girl: Oh. Alright
– McGraw Hall
*Names have been changed. You’re welcome.

College Student: So at this Texas Game Ranch, they release emos and you shoot at them… I mean emus.
– Anthropology class

Girl, to friend: I mean, I agreed to play beer pong with him, but we’re not like, dating!
– Vet School
Real Drunk Guy with pink hat: You guys should totally use chop sticks, it’s so pussy not to.
Hippie, light-heartedly: We’re trying to save some trees [laughs]
Pink Hat: Do you have any idea how many geese I killed today? 12.

Thin Girl 1 arrives at table with yogurt.
Thin Girl 2, through a mouthful of brownie: Yogurt is so fattening.

Governor Candidate 1: He is trying to ram gay marriage down our throats
Governor Candidate 2: First, I would like to say what a nice metaphor my opponent makes …
-Bailey Hall