October 4, 2006

Streaming from the Slope

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Many of you have heard about Slope Radio, the new radio station introduced to Cornell this fall by creators Yaw Joseph Etse, Alex Zahn and Jeff Bookman, but you may not know about some of the interesting new radio shows that students are producing and DJing themselves. Here’s an inside look at some of the buzz worthy broadcasts that are airing weekly at www.SlopeRadio.com.

The Gong Show
Airing on Thursdays from 8:30 p.m. until 10 p.m., DJ Revlon (aka Sun Senior Editor Kyle Sheahen) and DJ Books’s The Gong Show is one of Slope Radio’s most notable new shows. The show, which was formerly with PULSE FM, The London School of Economics’ student radio station, has revived itself at Cornell and is already getting a great response from Slope Radio listeners. The highlight of The Gong Show is perhaps the weekly Top Ten, which is often absurd and always amusing. Most recently, DJ Books and DJ Revlon have counted down the most entertaining displays of unsportsmanlike conduct and have named Mama T.’s the worst dining establishment in the Ithaca area. In addition to their top ten, The Gong Show’s hosts discuss sports, music and the social scene at Cornell. One of the show’s most enjoyable features is the weekly update from its London correspondent on the latest and most ridiculous headlines from the British tabloids. Not only is The Gong Show very funny, but it also provides some excellent background music to daily activities. On each episode, DJ Books and DJ Revlon introduce their listeners to up and coming rock bands, as well as play the latest from some of their favorites. With a well-balanced mix of music and talk, it is no surprise that The Gong Show is already one of Slope Radio’s most highly rated shows.

Every Monday at midnight, DJ LP hosts the station’s most outrageous show, Sexcapades. The show, which is completely uncensored, follows LP and her various guests as they discuss everything from blow job etiquette to post-sex snuggling to debates about most favorable sexual positions. LP’s Sexcapades crew includes producers ADubs and Ethan, as well as some noteworthy guests such as Slangston Hughes, one of the most hysterical personalities to grace Slope Radio’s Appel Studio. Without fail, each week, LP’s hilarious cast of characters engage in uproarious repartee about the truth of sex and dating at Cornell, giving listeners both male and female perspectives on all issues. However, the late night show is not all fun and games. LP’s topics of discussion extend not only to sex and sexual health in the news, but also to hot topics that this campus is very much involved with, such as the recent epidemic of HPV among men and women in their 20s. Of course, the serious atmosphere at the Sexcapades live broadcast is often broken up by bouts of laughter following side-splitting interjections. DJ LP and her friends are always entertaining and definitely do not hold back, which is why Sexcapades is a prime example of the creative freedom that the new Slope Radio is offering Cornell Students. Tune into Sexcapades Monday nights from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Ear to the Ground
Wednesday nights, Slope Radio listeners should be sure to check out Will Malnati’s new show, Ear to the Ground, which features a great variety of music and some extremely entertaining commentary. Each week, Host Malnati and his guests review the latest music and sports news; however, run of the mill radio talk is not all that Ear to the Ground has to offer. “The Prank Hour,” one of the show’s best segments, features Malnati and his guests prank calling their friends on the air in hilarious fashion. Now, if you think of prank calling as a fun but immature relic of the past, you are right; but the Ear to the Ground boys take the game to a new level. This past week, Malnati and his special guest, Isaac Ross, successfully duped their dumbfounded friends live on the radio as listeners laughed out loud. Ross’ spontaneous rap battle with another DJ was another memorable and priceless moment from this Wednesday’s Ear to the Ground, a truly funny and worthwhile listen. Ear to the Ground airs every Wednesday from 8:30 p.m.-10 p.m.
The Prime Time Slide
For an assortment of new rap and hip hop music, listeners can flip on The Prime Time Slide on Sundays from 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. On The Prime Time Slide, host DJs Nemysis, Flash and Latte talk about everything from fashion to movies to music to what Jay-Z has been up to recently. On each episode, The Prime Time Slide DJs play “The Sexy 16,” a countdown of the top 16 songs of the week based on Cornell students’ web votes. Thus, the show is ideal for listeners who want to keep themselves up to date on the newest music to hit the airwaves. The Prime Time Slide’s three hosts and producer A-Town have a great on-air chemistry as they discuss what’s new and hot around the country and at Cornell. As DJ Latte has promised, The Prime Time Slide will be playing quality hip hop and “keeping listeners up to date on the latest news in the music industry” all semester. Even if you are not interested in hip hop or rap, The Prime Time Slide, like much of Slope Radio’s new lineup is light-hearted, fun, and well worth a listen.