October 5, 2006

Warm Accessories

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All of us enjoy a nicely groomed individual. Apart from nailing the absolute basics like shampooing away grease and ensuring that your teeth gaps are leaf-free, a thoughtfully coordinated outfit makes for a pretty girl and even does wonders for just a passerby’s mood. So what is the secret to a well-coordinated ensemble? Accessories – as one fashionable French lady enlightened me one fateful day in Ithaca’s local TJ Maxx: “You could be wearing just a white t-shirt with jeans and still exude oodles of style with the right accessories.” And especially with Ithacan winter rapidly sneaking up on us, we thought it was high time to give you some tips on how to look fashionably adorable, in spite of all the lovely layers that will have you resembling a marshmallow. Fashion is not about the latest crazy fads, nor is it characterized by the designer pieces that are all this season’s runway rage. Having style is about keeping to a few classic essentials and dressing appropriately –that is, fashionable yet functional. In this case, we’d like to stress the oh-so-important warmth factor. Below are a few fall/winter must-haves to keep your bits and pieces from freezing off and more importantly, to keep you looking sexy in the snow.
Earmuffs are always fun (and warm) – the bigger and fuzzier the better. This however, may not reflect the views of the general Cornell population. So if you’re not up for framing thus accentuating your beautiful face with two balls of fur, might we recommend a charming knit cap? The best kinds are slightly bauble-y and definitely come in neutral shades. You don’t want to risk looking 5 years old, or worse, make your face appear larger than it is.
And Shoulders,
My personal favorite is the shawl. It’s best to find one with a funky yet classy print, preferably in more muted, neutral colors. This way, the unique print lends character to the piece, and it will allow you to mix and match it with all your favorite sweaters and jackets. Unlike skinny scarves, the bulkiness of the shawl lets you wear it in so many ways. Apart from sporting the classic loop around your neck as European women do, you can also wrap it around once and loosely tie the ends into a graceful knot. And finally, the shawl is first and foremost a shawl, which you can casually wrap around your shoulders. One word of caution: make sure you’re not wearing anything bulky underneath to avoid looking frumpy and top heavy – and not the nice kind of top heavy.
Knees and Toes
Come and gone are the Uggs, Marc Jacobs Moon Boots and, freakishly furry footwear resembling ill-fated pets. The lesson here? Stick to basic designs that will allow time for your bank account to recover. We suggest you invest in a pair of flat, slightly pointy calf-high boots of either suede or leather material. We know New York State’s overzealous love for salt will slowly corrode the material, but we figure by the time it’s noticeably ugly, you’ll already be sick of them. The best part about these boots is that you can get them in any color you’d like – since the style is so sleek and simple, you won’t look duck-like if you choose a pair in bright yellow. You’ll be thankful for the burst of color when you find yourself surrounded in all of Ithaca’s winter gloominess.
Because of the season’s cozy accessories, there’s no reason to get sick, or worse, look un-chic! As the temperatures start to drop, take it as a chance for your outfits to gain in cool points – enjoy Autumn, as its the most fashionably-fun season of all!