October 18, 2006

Students Object to Transfers Moving to Hasbrouck

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Campus Life’s decision to move the Transfer Center to North Campus’ Hasbrouck Apartments community for the 2007-2008 academic year has met a tepid response from the transfer student community.
“The transfer students would rather live on West and all together,” said David Crockett ’08, the transfer representative to the Student Assembly.
He added that a move would be detrimental to the transfer community due to the difference in atmosphere between West Campus and Hasbrouck.
“Pretty much all the transfers oppose the idea. It’s the environment up there [at Hasbrouck]. It’s grad student housing that’s designed more for families,” Crockett said.
Nick Peone ’07, a Transfer Center resident advisor, said that the Hasbrouck solution was necessary due to ongoing West Campus construction.
“I don’t think it’s good, but right now there’s a lack of alternatives because West will be a building short,” he said.
Ashley Myers ’07, who lived in the Transfer Center her sophomore year, agreed.
“It takes away from the fact that on West, the transfers can interact with upperclassmen,” she said.
Peone pointed out that the only better solution would be to set up a new Transfer Center immediately as a permanent residence, as opposed to moving temporarily to Hasbrouck. However, Peone felt that this change would at least allow the transfer students to stay together.
“This move is a small victory. It’s what we expected, but the debate is still open for the future,” he said.
The Save the Transfer Center movement, which currently works toward ensuring the future of the transfer student residence and programs, has brought its concerns to the university president, the S.A. and LeNorman Strong, assistant vice president for student and academic services, Peone said.
Strong sent the e-mail announcing the plan to move the transfer student program to Hasbrouck.
The moniker “Transfer Student Program” in the announcement aroused Peone’s suspicion regarding long-term plans for a central housing location for transfers.
“This is much more than it appears to be. They’ve destroyed the ‘Transfer Center,’ and renamed it the ‘Transfer Student Program.’ It seems like the idea of a center is not in the future,” Peone said.