October 19, 2006

Georgetown Style

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Fall Break is the perfect opportunity to catch-up: catch-up on sleep, catch-up with friends, and catch-up on the latest fashion trends! I went to visit my sister at Georgetown University, where students are recognized as some the wealthiest and most fashionable in the nation. And with an unbelievable shopping district like M Street, which boasts all the mainstream stores like Banana Republic and J. Crew as well as fashionistas’ favorites like Rugby Ralph Lauren, BCBG and Lacoste, to name a few, just a couple of blocks away from campus, why wouldn’t these Hoyas be up on the trends?
On casual days, many girls seen all over campus favor the typical laid-back look of cable-knit sweaters with the collars of their polos and button-up shirts peeking out, paired with simple, designer jeans or a jean skirt and ballerina flats. This look is not complete without the necessary trimmings: large sunglasses, a headband, a string of pearls, a hot pink Razr cell phone and a large designer bag (note: it is socially unacceptable for girls to wear backpacks — shoulder bags are the lay of land and we agree that’s how it should be!) A large number of girls also opted for simple sundresses or brightly-colored stretch cotton dresses, the latter worn over black leggings at times. With regards to daytime trends, black patent leather headbands or ballerina flats look ultra-chic, as do skinny belts over large wrap sweaters or sweater vests, and layers of stretch cotton shirts and tanks.
There is also a distinctive nighttime look consisting of flirty tank tops made from silk or chiffon topped with a simple blazer for chillier nights, tight (designer) jeans and always heels. In warmer weather, dress versions of the aforementioned tops are also a big hit. Night looks are completed with expensive chain necklaces with charms (the chic kind, I promise!) and either large, trendy earrings or demure pearl studs.
The essence of Georgetown style is its innate impeccability; everything matches seamlessly while makeup and hair is the definition of perfection. The student body puts its every effort into looking sharp, earning them their unwavering reputation. And while Georgetown undeniably receives an A in fashion, their style is admittedly a touch too preppy and fairly prudent, with a lack of true personal style.
Given the circumstances, it’s hard for us at Cornell to compete, because although internet-shopping has provided us with more opportunities to obtain stylish pieces, Pyramid Mall, unlike M street, is void of stylish fashion – a pass through its meager stores shouldn’t even count as shopping. It’s also impractical to wear high-heels for the mile trek it takes to get to a party or a skimpy tank top and blazer in the sub-zero winter.
But it’s more than that — Cornell students are just not that interested in fashion. Our school radiates a casual vibe, where it’s far more typical to see girls in t-shirts, jeans and sneakers than in happy sundresses and preppy pearls. Would it be so horrible to swap those old sneakers for some dainty ballerina flats? Or painful to throw on a cute sweater instead of an oversized Cornell hoodie? What Georgetown needs is a dose of spunk and idiosyncrasy, which, thankfully, Cornell already has. But what we at Cornell need is to invest a little more time in ourselves and our fashion, improving our self-esteem and the moods of those surrounding us. The ideal campus style might just be the fusion of Cornell’s casual, hippy-ish vibe with Georgetown’s preppy perfection.