October 19, 2006

The Black Keys' Magic Potion

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More often than not, in today’s world of mainstream indie rock, what is “vintage” and “oh-so-cool” consists of grabbing a Bruce Springsten guitar riff, throwing some synthesizers into the melting pot and cleverly calling it “retro-rock music” (cough, cough The Killers) — but then there are The Black Keys. Hailing from one of the least rocking cities in America, Akron, Ohio, the bluesy Black Keys have perfected their ability to sift through a cornucopia of influences ( a la Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters) and transform classic guitar progressions into something you just want to blow your dorm room stereo out to — while still maintaining originality. Magic Potion represents a major musical growth for their two piece act — frontman Dan Auerbach hangs on to the same sort of raw, slightly off-key voice which lent him comparisons to Jack White, while drummer Pat Carney speeds up and slows down the tempo on the album at just the right moments. Whether you like old, new or something in-between, Magic Potion will promise to deliver.