October 19, 2006

They Said It, Not Me

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Send your best eavesdroppings to [email protected], and laugh at what your campus is saying every Thursday in The Sun. Check out the website of our favorite contributer, The Ear, at http://overheardatcornell.blogspot.com. And just for the record, I always wondered why DP Dough called everything a “zone” too. That’s all I have to say.

Girl: What’s with DP Dough and calling everything a ‘zone’?
Guy: It’s just a marketing scheme
Girl: Yeah, but most marketing schemes have something to do with the product, like, what does DP Dough sell? [pause] OHH!!!
-Stewart Ave.

Seven moderately attractive guys: Will, you’re so FAT. -Linden Ave

Asian chick 1: So how do I get a guy to propose to me?
Asian chick 2: I don’t know, giggle?
-E Seneca Street

Girl 1: How cold do you think it is?
Girl 2: Well it has to be less than 60, because when it’s 60 degrees you CAN’T see your breath
Guy 1: Why is the naked guy in the sailor hat in my lap?
Guy 2: That’s going to Monika’s column!
-North Campus

Professor: Do you want some coffee or tea?
Student: No, I really only drink water and alcohol.
-Temple of Zeus

Small boy: Hey Mom, can I go to Cornell when I grow up?
Mother: Honey, look at these kids. Do you want to be like them? -Ho Plaza

Drunk Girl 1: Oh hey, you write that overheard thing in the Sun, right?
Me: Yeah.
Drunk Girl 1: I’ve got something for you to put in…hold on..[to friend] What was that thing we heard?
Drunk Girl 2: Girl, could you stop it. Didn’t your mamma ever tell you not to talk to strangers? This girl could have an uzi behind her back.
Drunk Girl 1: Want to go get Jason’s? [as in frozen yogurt, not an uzi, I hope]
Drunk Girl 2: Yeah. -Eddy Street
Freshman: Is New York City warmer than Ithaca?
Older Friend: Cities are warmer because pavement absorbs heat. Like the sun.
Freshman: Is Ithaca really that cold?
Older Friend: Nah.
Freshman: Isn’t it on, like, the same axis as…
Older Friend: As Boston? Yeah, but we’re inland so we don’t get the warm breezes.
-The bus

Girl 1: I don’t know what his problem is. Columbus Day? Like, whatever, it’s a day off. I would celebrate Saddam Hussein Day if I got a day off. [laughing]. No, I’m just kidding, but–
Girl 2: No, you’re not. [laughing]
Girl 1: I know. [more laughter]
-Willard Straight Reading Room