October 26, 2006

Diddy's Press Play

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Diddy’s new album Press Play is a combination of rap, testimonies of his past, and ballads of love that takes the listener on a journey from the streets of Harlem to becoming the president of Bad Boy Entertainment. In the song, “The Future”, he says that he “has employed more black people than the armed services/ I am the future.” Whether this statement is true or not, Diddy has become very influential in rap music — he has graduated from being a rap artist to being one of the top entrepreneurs in America.
After the first five tracks about his achievements, he spends the majority of the album, along with many other artists, talking about falling in and out of love. His album separates itself from other rap albums because he has a limited amount of verses about sex and more about love. I don’t know if this release will label him as the future, but, it does allow Diddy to retain his reputation as one of the bad boys of hip-hop.