January 26, 2007

Cab Driver Caught With Crack Cocaine

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Larry Carl, a Green Hornet Livery Taxi driver, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly selling crack cocaine while in his taxi.

Carl, 58, of 1994 Waits Rd. in Oswego, was charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class B felony, according to court officials.
Last Friday, Carl allegedly sold $150 of a “light-colored chunky substance” in the parking lot at 500 South Meadow St., where Wegmans supermarket is located.

The substance was identified as cocaine in a chemical field test.
Carl has also been arrested for selling crack cocaine to an undercover officer on several occasions in the recent past, the Ithaca Police Department said.
Carl has been released from Tompkins county Jail on $2,500 bail, according to jail officials.