January 26, 2007

Online Advertising Information

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Publication Schedule and Supplement Information

Online Display Advertising
Established in 1880, The Cornell Daily Sun is one of the nation’s oldest, fully independent daily college newspapers. The Sun is the largest paper at Cornell, reaching an estimated readership of 16,000, and is distributed for free in over fifty locations around campus, including dining halls, academic facilities and dormitories, as well as in Collegetown and the surrounding Ithaca area. More than 57% of students read The Sun at least twice a week, and more than 66% of our readers indicate that advertisements in The Sun have prompted them to make purchases. This type of exposure to Cornell’s academic and social community is not available with any other publication on campus or in the greater Ithaca region.

In addition to advertising with our print edition, The Cornell Daily Sun Online Edition offers a wide range of advertising opportunities in both display and classifieds. Currently, The Sun online offers three size options for advertising space: 125 by 125 pixel boxes, 125 by 600 pixel skyscrapers and a 468 by 60 pixel banner that lines the bottom of the web page. Advertisers have the opportunity to purchase ad space for 25% of daily impressions for a period of one month. Additionally, advertisers may purchase more than one fourth, increasing the rate of appearance from 25% to 50%, 75% or 100% of daily impressions.

For more information regarding rates and advertising opportunities at The Cornell Daily Sun, please contact our online advertising department at [email protected] or (607) 273-3606.

Online Classified Advertising
Standard Rate

For the online classified advertisements, all commercial advertisements will be offered the discounted standard rate of $3.20 per day for the first 15 words and 30¢ per word thereafter.

For 5 or more consecutive insertions: $2.95 per day for first 15 words and 29¢ per word thereafter.

For more information regarding our discounted classified advertising rates, please e-mail us at [email protected] or (607) 273-3606.

Advertising Policies
Submission Requirements

An advertising copy must be received by The Cornell Daily Sun by 3 p.m. two business days (Tuesday) before publication. All new ads will become active on a Thursday of the month. If a proof is desired, a copy must be received by The Sun by 3 p.m. three business days (Monday) before publication. Add one business day to these deadlines for advertisements of more than one page or if the advertisement requires extraordinarily complex composition. Any cancellation must be received two business days prior to publication. Please note that we require pre-payment for first-time advertisers for both the print and online version of The Sun.

Terms and Conditions

The Cornell Daily Sun has the right to reject any advertising copy for any reason it deems sufficient. Advertisers must agree to indemnify The Sun, Inc. against any loss suffered by running any of the advertisements or parts thereof, because of any legal actions for libel, business slander, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright or any other tort, crime or violation of law or regulation whatsoever, and to take due precautions to ensure that any advertisement The Sun inserts will be free from all such liability.