February 6, 2007

Size Matters

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In recent months there has been a condemnation from chiropractors — and women with back problems — against the rise in the use of large purses. However, these bags are more than just chic and sensible; they represent a form of feminism and the ever rising position of women in our society.

Large bags are essential to a woman’s daily outfit. As other accessories like bangles or beaded necklaces increase in size, it is important that purses, an essential accessory and necessity, follow that path. When a bag can say so much about a woman, why not go bigger and better?

Similarly, a tall or broad woman wouldn’t wear clothing that is too small for her, so why would she wear a bag that is also too small? Women need to be conscious of how their bag corresponds to both their body type and their clothing. However, more petite woman can still take advantage of using bigger bags as long as they don’t look like they’re packing up for a weekend getaway.

Not only are large bags trendy, they are also useful. A big bag can hold absolutely everything that a woman might need during her day. From crucial papers to a miniature pharmacy, a woman’s purse holds endless necessities. Imagine how awful it would be if you didn’t have a lifetime supply of band-aids at your disposal when your toes start to blister from those gorgeous new stilettos.

These substantial bags can also be seen as a tangible sign of women’s increasing equality with men. In the past, women would often carry a purse large enough for merely lipstick and a mirror as their husbands carried the cash. Now women have wallets, keys, cell phones, organizers and other items that in the past would have been more likely to be held by their husbands.

In addition, female workers can carry their papers and other work related items in their sizeable purses, similar to how men carry briefcases. As female employees take on higher positions throughout the world they need to be understood as equals to their male counterparts. A woman carrying a little clutch will not seem as prepared as a man carrying a large briefcase.

Young mothers can also use their large bags as a storage space for baby items rather than having to carry around 2 bags. This increasing mobility shows that stay-at-home moms no longer have to stay at home. Thus, women’s bags are truly a sign of their rising freedom and equality.

Women can also put a smaller purse into a larger one so that they can easily transfer their style from day to night. A small purse can also be good in situations where a woman doesn’t need to take everything with her, like a trip to the bathroom to freshen up.

Chiropractors argue that women don’t have to use shoulder bags or carry as much as they do because they are jeopardizing their backs in addition to connected body parts. However, a well-dressed woman does not want to look like a hiker wearing a large backpack or an employee of the postal service wearing a messenger bag. Instead women can alternate the shoulder they carry their bag on or hold it either with their hand or in the inner curve of their elbow.

Although the passengers standing around you on the subway or TCAT bus may be annoyed when you unknowingly shove them with your enormous bag, just remind them of how chic, practical and telling it is. And the next time that your guy tries to persuade you that size doesn’t matter, just explain to him that it does.