February 16, 2007

Burning Question

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This past Wednesday marked a rare event in Cornell history: we got a SNOW DAY! (Well, half of one anyway.) What did you do to make your snow day special?

Geoff Kozen ’08 said:
“I went traying and bottled the beer I made.”

Josh Bergen grad said:
“I worked on an assignment for Quantum Field Theory and didn’t do anything very exciting.”

Naresh Kumar grad said:
“I played table tennis, but a lot of people had snowball fights and were sledding outside Clark Hall. I wanted to join in, but I worked instead.”

Jarvis Brown law ’08 said:
“I dug cars out of snow all day. We have four cars parked on Eddy and had to move them to the other side of the street. We had to use a tray to shovel because we don’t have a shovel.”

Jorge Rivera grad said:
“I stayed up all night Tuesday and went to class Wednesday morning because I had to T.A. Then I went home and slept for a long time.

Anup Poudyal said:
“I like the snow. I walked around in it all day and made all the footstep paths people walk in.”