March 1, 2007

Imitation Electric Piano's Blow it Up, Burn it Down, Kick it 'Til it Bleeds

Print More, for all of its pretense, introduces a lot of great music to the world. Imitation is the side-project of Simon Johns, bassist for Stereolab, a band known for long, drawn-out vamping jams that often veer towards stale. In pure contrast, Imitiation’s new record is perhaps as far away from stale a rock band can get. The songs suggest ’60’s psychedelia, reveling in kitsch, but never stay on an idea long enough to feel settled. Driving rocker “Come Into Force” begins with harpsichord doubling punchy guitar in a melodic line that veers to and fro, without a resolution in sight. When we are finally granted a tightly mixed head-bopping drum line, it is one of many perfect pop moments on the record. The high, mousy pipes of Jo Bramli double Johns’ tenor, a goofy-video-game keyboard part enters, and we’re left with the epitome of exuberant music-making. There are also nine other songs.