March 5, 2007

Daily Sun Elects New Board

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There is only one word in the English language that can possibility define the 125th editorial board of The Cornell Daily Sun. That word is “chill.” Despite the threat of late nights and lots of aspirin, the incoming Sun editors are committed to putting out a quality newspaper without turning into crazed zombies.

Perhaps this laid-back approach is due to the leadership of Jonny Lieberman ’08, who defies all superficial stereotypes of an editor in chief. A self-proclaimed “indie kid” who hails from Los Angeles, this fraternity boy with Ryan Atwood good-looks can be spotted both rubbing elbows with top Cornell administrators during the week and hitting on unsuspecting girls on the weekends in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon basement to the sweet, sweet sounds of Akon.

In the style of business managers of the past, Eric Bernbaum ’08 tends to take himself way too seriously. Perhaps this is why the business department has a reputation for being “not fun.” Although Bernbaum does have his own totally sweet office, it is very easy to break into with the simple swipe of a credit card (not that we’d EVER do such a thing…) Bernbaum is currently trying to get “jacked” by spending most of his free time at the gym. He loves to wear muscle tees.

Rebecca Shoval ’08, the new manager editor, does not want to be defined by her ever-changing hair color. Thus, this article will make no reference to the aforementioned subject.

Associate Editor Olivia Oran ’08 is just one member of the prep school contingency that dominates The Sun’s incoming editorial board. In her spare time, she enjoys playing squash, sipping G&Ts, vacationing with Muffy and Binky in Palm Beach and mocking everyone possible.

A soft-spoken young lad, new Advertising Manager Ming Zhang ’08, was born in a cave full of endangered wolves in Vancouver. After summering in Zurich at the age of 16, Ming realized his true passion — frisbee golf.

Web Editor Chris Barnes ’09 is perhaps the only good thing to come out of Long Island. With his mad knowledge of HTML and C++, Barnes has single-handedly transformed The Sun’s website from terrible to relatively decent. Podcasting, what?

No one has seen Sports Editor Josh Perlin ’08 in the past 24 hours. He was last spotted sprinting away from angry members of the Cornell Men’s Lacrosse team.

Arts and Entertainment Editor Sammy Perlmutter ’10 is the reincarnation of former Arts Editor Elliot Singer ’08 but with cool, Buddy Holly glasses. When not at The Sun, he may or may not be the lead singer of an Icelandic folk band that has recently relocated to Utica. Right, brah?

Although not a creepy paparazzi like her predecessor Rob Bonow ’06, Photo Editor Rebecca Thomas ’08 is equally mysterious in her own right. Mysteries seem to abound in the photo department, such as why they currently have no cameras.

Design editor ZZ Zhuang ’08 is actually the cutest and sweetest girl alive. She loves puppies, daffodils and soft core porn.

Sarah Singer ’09, city editor, loves sustainability! And the environment!! Please recycle this newspaper!!

Noah Grynberg ’09, news editor, claims that the strange spelling of his last name is due to his Argentine heritage. We just think he’s illiterate.

News Editor Nate Lowry ’08 may hail from Kentucky, but he’s no hick. And as the only one of the news editors over 21 AND the provider of delicious home-made fudge brownies, he is definitely a man worth knowing.

A member of the track team and a news editor, Molly O’Toole ’09 is a proud Irish woman. Look for her to be carried out of the bars kicking and screaming during St. Patrick’s Day.

Chicago-native and assistant sports editor Cory Bennett ’09 loves the crossover. His dream is to become the next Harry Caray, minus that whole alcoholism thing.

H. Duke Sanford, Esq. ’09, assistant sports editor, can usually be found fighting with the design department over the best Combo’s flavor. Pretzel or pepperoni? He can often be seen lurking around the parking lot of Jason’s waiting for the “pickup” with members of the basketball team.

Lance Williams ’08 a.k.a. “Fratty McFrat Frat,” another assistant sports editor, loves to be to drunk to talk while playing SAE-style beer pong with J. Liebs.

Beijing-native Marvin Mao ’08, assistant design editor, is not related to the former Communist leader. Nor is he the reincarnate of NBA star Yao Ming. And please don’t call him Marvin the Martian. He would like it if you never made those jokes again. Thanks.

Carol Zou ’09, assistant design editor, has an eclectic fashion-sense that makes her the most colorful member of the editorial board. She also once worked as a Subway sandwich artist and briefly dated Jared.

Rebecca Weiss ’09, associate arts and entertainment editor, once interviewed John Mayer. Weiss, a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall, spoke to John Mayer on the phone. Weiss loves reading Rolling Stone and talking to John Mayer.

Online advertising manager Vicky Kahn ’09 joins a long-list of Horrace Mann alums at The Sun. She will pay you mad cash if you click on her ads. Just do it.

The always well-dressed Nessia Sloane ’08 has recently joined the business department as marketing manager. With luck, Sloane will be able to market her trendy style to the rest of the Sun editors, who generally wear dirty sweatpants and have not showered in three days.

Star Li ’10, assistant advertising manager, has a really cool name. She used to write for the Arts section before joining Bernbaum and the rest of the “dark side.”