March 8, 2007

Dr Dog CD Review

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Dr Dog’s 2005 LP Easy Beat was rich with the band’s unique bellowing vocals and multi-instrumental sound, but it had some rough edges. We All Belong has a more well-rounded and polished feel to it; the album is smooth all the way through. While not forgetting their down to earth, free flowing Philadelphian roots, Dr Dog manages to create a triumphant sound that warrants constant replay.

The album is highlighted with soulful ballads filled with powerful crescendos that build into huge explosions of horns, strings, vocal harmonies and double guitar riffs. It is all joyful, and simply fun to listen to. Dr Dog will make you kick back and relax or jump and shout in soulful exhilaration. Track nine, “The Way the Lazy Do,” says it all: “May your knots unwind/ May your days kill time.” If this album doesn’t let you do that, I don’t know what will.