March 9, 2007

Burning Question

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Jieun Kwak ’07 said:
“Barney. I don’t think he deserves to live. He scares me.”

Sejoon Park ’10 said:
“Batman. He’s the only guy that doesn’t have a special ability.”

Christie Gibson ’10 said:
“Carmen Sandiego. I think she’s mean.”

Ishan Sharma ’10 said:
“Agent Smith [from The Matrix]. He represents all the evil there is in the world.”

Susie Clark ’07 said:
“Roy [on The Office]. Jim and Pam have the best flirtation ever, so Roy should die!”

Daniel Wong ’09 said:
“Superman, because he can never look cool in that little blue outfit, plus he’s too perfect.”

Jessica Oribabor ’09 said:
“Spiderman. When I get bitten by a bug, I have to put on Neosporin, but he gets magic powers.”

Evan Smith ’08 said:
“Tom from Tom and Jerry, ’cause the little guy has got to survive.”