March 12, 2007

City News

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Thurston Avenue Bridge to Close Until August
Starting today, the Thurston Avenue bridge that connects North Campus to Central Campus at Cornell will be closed to all vehicles and pedestrians until its $8 million renovation project is completed, likely in August. However, the construction will likely continue when the bridge is opened again next summer.

The City of Ithaca is collaborating with Cornell’s Division of Facilities Services on this project, which involves replacing the bridge abutments, approach ramps and bridge deck.

The Beebe Lake footbridge will be open to pedestrians as an alternate route, and the Stewart Avenue bridge will provide a detour for vehicles.

Carriage House Café to Receive Cupola
After an extensive renovation process, the Carriage House Café will attach a nine-foot tall cupola to the top of its structure today. The Carriage House is located at 305 Stewart Avenue, and the building had a cupola when it was originally constructed in 1850, according to the National Historic Register.

The staff hopes that this addition to the building’s exterior will bring its appearance closer to what it was before a fire destroyed it in 1910. The new space is slated to host community events.