March 29, 2007

Test Spin: Pacha Massive

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The summer sun saturates the Bronx. But as the sun sets in yellow and orange, Pacha Massive scorches in purple and pink. An eclectic blend of everything nice, Pacha Massive is most distinctly Latin. But don’t forget the sex. All Good Things teems with color and mood as this group crafts a seductive sound. Various voices juxtapose, as on “La Verdolaga,” where native Columbian folk-singer, Lucia Pulido, joins forces with New York MC, Flex Nug. Tricky rhythmic patterns intrigue, leading to a dizzying yet enjoyable head-trip. At times, complex rhythms approach incoherence. More often, however, Pacha tastefully varies pattern to steer clear of one innocuous trance. Consistently, Pacha Massive is mysterious. Lead female vocalist Nova mixes Spanish and English words on multiple tracks, concocting a sound familiar but just barely out of reach. What a tease.