March 30, 2007

Final Four: Georgetown

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Before we start all this, I must inform you all that I am the Nostradamus of collegiate basketball. That’s why after Georgetown wins the National championship and John Thompson III and company cut down the nets amidst raining confetti and electric jubilation inside the Georgia Dome, my lil’ sis will call me drunk from the Hoya campus intersection of M street and Wisconsin during the riots that ensue afterward, and thus I will be all smiles as I celebrate my reign as Sun March Madness Office Pool Champion for 2007. That is, I guess, after I rough up Randall Brown and cut off all his fingers, forcing him to quit The Sun. Regardless, here are three reasons why Georgetown comes out on top after 22 years since its last Final Four appearance.

The Ivy League Connection: You can’t over look Georgetown basketball after the hiring of former Princeton player and coach, J.T. III, only three years ago. After exiting as the Tigers’ 1988 Co-Most Valuable Player following his senior season, Thompson III was promoted from assistant to head coach and led Princeton to three Ivy titles and two NCAA tournament appearances in four years. To make things more impressive, he did it all while developing three Ivy Players of the Year and 12 first-team All-Ivy performers. Take that model for success and add in ridiculous Georgetown athletes like Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert and Patrick Ewing Jr. and all of the sudden, the Princeton offense becomes a whole new monster. Although we go to Cornell, considering we’re trained to hate Princeton, you have to love watching those you’ve come to respect succeed. That’s why the Ancient Eight will be smiling after Thompson III wins his National title, gets his contract extension and makes like Tiger Woods. Can you say “Cha-Ching?”

Hibbert and the True Big: Common sense tells us that Georgetown will dismantle its first opponent Ohio State — a team that should toss its current nickname and change it to “four kids who run around in circles, shoot from anywhere, play no defense and have Greg Oden clean everything up.” After all, Oden has never played against a true center in college, and considering Roy Hibbert is his own kind of shot-eraser and rebounder inside, watch for Oden to accumulate fouls early and have trouble creating his own space against the 7-2 Hibbert, two years his senior.

Cory Benz, you are as cute as a box of panda cubs. Unfortunately, besides Oden, that’s exactly how the Buckeyes play ball. The sad part is that the only reason Oden is at Ohio State is because of the NBA’s new rule to make high school kids play a year in college instead of going straight to the draft. You have to love one year wonders, but you also have to question whether or not Oden really cares about this National title. C-Benz, just admire the fact that Oden will buy his first car in honor of your name after he cashes in big time when he goes No. 1 in this year’s NBA draft. And yes, you can fine me for that comment.

Nice Guys Always Finish First: Kyle Baby, we know you are a tanned, product proud and laid back Reggie Bush Southern Cal guy that feels he must represent his land, but considering I was born in Santa Monica and know how UCLA and USC go together like oil and water, I don’t even know what to think. You have to love Arron Afflalo’s guard play, but if you are a betting man like I am, you have to think this year’s final rematch ends up just like last season’s. When you’ve seen it before, you pretty much know how it will play out.

That brings us to a Florida versus Georgetown final, and as we all know, the Hoyas will win by at least 40 points and Jack the Bulldog sees his first playing time of the year as the team’s fourth-quarter reserve point guard while snacking on a paper box in the game’s waning moments to bring home the title.

Olivia “Dwyer like the washing machine,” you might be the only girl in the entire world that likes looking at Joakim Noah, let alone wants to have his babies. However, even you have to admit that your boy should have gone to the league. One year later and second place doesn’t look nearly as good on the resume compared to a sole No. 1. Add that to the money you figure he’ll lose after watching Kevin Durant and Big Man Buckeye go 1-2 in this year’s draft, and you might as well tell him to stay in Florida for his final season. And yes, you can fine me for that comment.

Stacking up against Florida, Georgetown will be the underdog. And although J.T. III’s pop’s teams were known as being intimidators and board bashers, this Georgetown team is humble, team oriented and likable. Give that to an Atlanta crowd, turn on the lights and watch the momentum swing towards the Gray and Blue. When it comes to winning titles, balance and determination reigns supreme — all of which plays right into Georgetown’s favor.

Two words: HOYA SAXA.