April 10, 2007

Islam Awareness Week, April 9-14

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A week of lectures, discussions, and presentations on Islam, the faith of
over one billion people worldwide

Monday 4/9
Omer Bajwa
M.A., Near Eastern Studies
Islam 101: An Overview of the Basic Principles of Islam
Rockefeller Hall 115 @ 8PM

Tuesday 4/10
Panel Discussion: “Islam and Women: Repression or Liberation?”
Alice Cook House @ 8PM

Wednesday 4/11
Khalid Latif
Muslim Chaplain at NYU and Princeton
An Islamic Perspective on Social Justice and Human Rights
Goldwin Smith Hall, Kaufmann Auditorium @ 8PM

Thursday 4/12
Screening and Discussion of the FX TV Show
30 Days as a Muslim
Goldwin Smith Hall, Lewis Auditorium @ 8PM

Friday 4/13
Dr. Umar F. Abd-Allah
Chair of the Nawawi Foundation
Role of Legal Hadith in the Formation of Islamic Law (Near Eastern Studies
Dep’t Colloquium)
106 White Hall @ 12:00PM

Dr. Umar F. Abd-Allah
Cultural Jihad: The Role of American-Muslim
Culture in Today’s World (Keynote Address)
Goldwin Smith Hall, Kaufmann Auditorium @ 8PM

Saturday 4/14
Islamic Tile Painting and Calligraphy Workshop
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art @ 10AM

Ibrahim El-Salahi
Internationally Acclaimed Artist
Presentation of Work and Discussion of Modern Islamic Art
Goldwin Smith Hall, History of Art Gallery @ 3PM

All Events free & open to the public!

Co-sponsored by: Muslim Educational & Cultural Association (MECA), Islamic
Alliance for Justice, Department of Near Eastern Studies, the Department of
Government Belnick Fund, and the Alice Cook House