April 10, 2007

Planning a Weekend Edition

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My name is Jessica DiNapoli and I’m a senior editor for the Sun. I’ll be creating the Weekend Edition — an addition of 4 to 8 pages in the Friday paper that will have content relevant to readers over the weekend. The Weekend Edition is scheduled to launch the first Friday of the fall 2007 semester.
Models for the Weekend Edition include the Harvard Crimson’s Fifteen Minutes and the Columbia Spectator’s Eye. The Mirror at The Dartmouth’s is also a model, but their site was undergoing upgrades at the time of this post.
A link to the content of Weekend Edition on cornellsun.com will accompany the print version of the Weekend Edition.
I want to hear any and all ideas on content that should be included in the Weekend Edition: What does the Sun not have right now that you’d like to read about? What would be interesting to read on the weekend? What would not be interesting to read?

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]!