April 10, 2007

Track Captains Reflect on One Another

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T.I. being announced for Slope Day was reason for many Cornell students to plan their pre (and post) Slope Day drunkeness. But, the announcement signified that the ending of the year is soon, despite what mother nature says. With the year coming to an end, so will the careers of the senior tri-captain group of Sarah Wilfred, Cameron Washington and Morgan Uceny.

The trio has led the Red to a litany of Heps titles and appearances in track’s top-25 rankings. Before they put on their gowns, the seniors talked about how they are handling their farewelll campaign and what they will remember as they exit from undergraduate life.

Senior Tri-Captain Sarah Wilfred

“It is incredibly sad,” Wilfred said. “I don’t want to think about [graduation].”

Fitting Way to Go Out
“We would love to win the outdoor Heps; it means that we would have won every Heps ever since I have been there.”

Greatest Achievement
“I really enjoyed my first outdoor Heps when I won the high jump. … My family were there and the fans from Cornell were there more than all the other teams combined.”

Funniest moment
“Every night we had a skid night and we poked jokes at three of the guys on the team.”

On Cameron
“She is just an amazing captain and person.”

On Morgan
“She is really an extraordinary athlete.”

Senior tri-Captain Cameron Washington

“I have had a pretty good time [here at Cornell],” Washington said. “But, I am happy to start a new chapter, as this one is coming to a close.”
And while it might seem that Washington is more excited about her post-undergraduate life, she wishes she would have done more.
“I am kind of sad I didn’t take advantage of everything that college has to offer,” Washington said. “I was just so caught up in school and track.”
But if there is one thing that the California native will not miss, it is the cold weather.
“Ithaca is great sometimes, but sometimes it can be pretty depressing,” she said.

Fitting way to go out
“If we win the outdoor Heps, we would have won all of them since I have been here, in a row.”

Greatest Achievement
Washington entered the spring semester of her junior year behind the rest of her women’s track teammates, having spent the first semester in Japan. Surprisingly, Washington claimed one of her best marks in the 2006 indoor Heps, with a 54:08 mark in the 400-meter dash.

Funniest moment
“My freshman year, we had a meet at Yale and I ran the 400,” Washington said. “It is the very last 120 meters and I am in Lane 1 …”
Despite leading the race, teammate Kari Steed ’05 — who is a lot smaller than Cameron — sneaked passed her to win the race.
“Obviously I was happy because she was on my team,” Washington said. “[But when she passed] I was like, ‘What the hell is going on!?’”

On Morgan
“She is a spectacular athlete who works extremely hard and it shows.”

On Sarah
“Sarah has been a great friend … she always puts a smile on my face.”

Senior Tri-Captain Morgan Uceny

After such a successful campaign at Cornell, unlike her fellow tri-captains, Uceny doesn’t think about the end, just her next meet.
“I don’t really look into the future,” Uceny said. “Obviously, I want to plan for the future but I am focusing on the rest of the season.”

Fitting Way to Leave
“I would like to win the last Heps and qualify people for regionals,” Uceny said. “Personally, I want to have my best Nationals performance.”

Greatest Achievement
After doing, as she describes, “horribly” in her freshman year, Uceny stepped in her sophomore year, recording a 2:13 relay time. But instead of her greatest achievement, Uceny refers to the moment as a stepping stone.
“My greatest achievement will hopefully be a couple of months from now at Nationals,” she said.

Funniest Moments
Skit nights.

On Cameron
“She is soft-spoken, but very determined.”

On Sarah
“I will remember her energy, she is very eccentric.”