April 13, 2007

Alanis, Fat Kid & Hot Tub

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Alanis Morissette has brought new life to my meaning of damn good video. You’ve most likely seen the brilliance that is Alanis’ parody of the Black Eyed Peas “My Humps” video. For those of you who haven’t, Morissette wrote a cover of “My Humps” and has made a mocking video to go along with her new rendition. Clad in a ghetto-fab jacket, slick, straight hair with fergilicious bangs, and even baring some cleavage, she does a fabulous job of proving to the world just how ridiculous “My Humps” is. The visual is a requirement for the full effect of Alanis Morissette’s humor. If she had released the song as a single for airplay, it wouldn’t have had the same impact.
Prior to viewing this video, if someone would have asked me to name the next female artist that comes to my mind when Fergie is mentioned, I doubt the neurons in my brain that hold the name ‘Alanis Morissette’ would have been stimulated to fire. Morissette is on the opposite end of the female performing artist spectrum from Fergie, and that is why seeing her dressed in bling and singing “they buy me all these ices” is just phenomenal. Her moans of “my humps,” her un-toned white-girl butt getting a spanking and her wearing a this-shirt-is-so-tight-I-can’t-breathe-but-I-had-to-wear-it-to-create-cleavage makes this video a must see.
Fat Kid
Besides Alanis’ video that was released to a very unexpecting audience, rarely does a video come along that leaves me captivated at my computer and scrambling to send a link of it to my entire network of friends. I asked the people on my hall for a funny up-and-coming YouTube video, and the best I got was one called “Fat Kid on Rollercoaster.” I couldn’t tell if I found it funny or not. Australia’s Funniest Home Videos posted the tape on the Internet. It is of a boy on a suspended rollercoaster, sitting next to an older lady, presumably his mother, and once the ride starts, the boy begins to slip lower and lower in his seat. The rotund, young kid begins shouting and shrieking that he’s falling and the ride needs to stop, and his mother just sits there laughing. His screams come across as fear of the ride to her, and she doesn’t realize the extent to which her child may be in harms way. To some, this fat boy’s horrifying experience, somehow caught on tape and then sent in to Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, is hysterical — apparently the Aussies got a good laugh out of it. To others, the video is quite scary. This type of mixed reaction to a YouTube video happens all the time. While watching, I personally couldn’t decide my feeling. The boy’s chubby face squished between the straps is pretty funny. But, watching him struggle to hold on for dear life is terrifying. Videos that may or may not be funny constantly get sent around the Internet causing the receivers to sometimes irk with irritation or jerk with uncontrollable laughter. When I saw the fat kid on the rollercoaster I kind of just tilted my head not sure how to react. Its lack of true comedy made me continue my search for funny up-and-coming YouTube videos.
Hot Tub
My roommate made a suggestion, but funny was not a word I would describe it with. More like, nauseating, disgusting, and any other synonym that goes along with those two. Titled “Hot Tub Mishap,” the video shows three female models and one male model sitting in a hot tub. One of the females asks, “Is this going to take long?” Seconds later diarrhea comes shooting out of her and the guy in the hot tub yells “Holy Shit!” and the three other models bolt out of the hot tub. It is simply gross. After watching this video and feeling completely sick to my stomach, I tried to remember other YouTube videos that contained true comedy. The most shared videos on my hall are usually racist, disgusting, or just plain mean — not legitimately funny. A true comedic gem like Alanis’ video rarely comes along, and when it does, it gets everybody talking. Who cares about gravity pulling a fat kid down more than everyone else, or that models actually do poo? Since I’m a bit obsessed with being in-the-know, and telling everyone everything just as it happens, it’s days like April 2nd, when I stumbled across the Morissette “My Humps” remix, that make me so excited to click the My Shares tab on Facebook and know that I’m going to definitely make somebody else’s day.