April 19, 2007

Review: Kings of Leon

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1 out of 5 Stars
OK. I get it. The Kings of Leon are really cool. And I am pretty sure they always have been. That’s their thing, right? But on Because of the Times, the Kings seem less collected and more confused. When this band of brothers (and a cousin) ditched their preacher-daddy for rock ’n roll, there was a glimpse of uninhibited rage, ruckus and genius to be heard beneath the self-conscious song writing and uncanny knack for catchy choruses. Their debut, Youth & Young Manhood showcased this glossed over passion, while Aha Shake Heartbreak proved the band a mainstay, on the path to greatness. But somewhere along the route towards re-discovery, while searching for that original sound (sin?) — titling the album after a United Pentecostal Church conference the brothers attended as children — the Kings got lost. The pressure to explore has turned the band to chaos. Although still cool, the band lacks one very important thing: good songs.