April 20, 2007

Tennis Teams to Finish Ivy Season

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Conveniently for word lovers, the Red faces Penn for its penultimate conference match.
Despite Penn’s unbeaten Ivy League record for both the men’s and women’s tennis teams, the Red remains optimistic for the matches tomorrow. Penn’s impressive women’s team has swept its past three challengers — Brown, Harvard, and Dartmouth. The team’s first two matches against Princeton and Yale were similarly impressive with scores of 5-2 in both matches. Though the men’s team does not have such a flawless record, it has still maintained its undefeated status. This year, Penn beat the only two Ivy League teams that had beaten them the previous year. Penn defeated Harvard for the first time since 1974 and looks to continue its unprecedented level of success. Last year, Penn’s women similarly only lost to Harvard; this year, however, Penn immediately swept Harvard.
“Penn should be a great match for us tomorrow. They are bringing a lot of depth and every match will be a battle. Each of us will have to play our best tennis tomorrow to put together four points for the win,” said sophomore Elizabeth Googe.
The Red women see Penn’s weakness in its doubles play, and look to take advantage of it and start off the match by winning the doubles point. Throughout the season, the Red has been working especially on its doubles matches. Head coach Laura Glitz said that the team has paid even closer attention to doubles in preparation.
“This week in practice, I have emphasized being more aggressive during doubles so I hope this will be something I will see happen against Penn and Princeton,” Glitz said.
Princeton poses a nearly equal threat. With a 3-2 record and losses only to Yale and Penn, Princeton will represent a challenge for the Red.
Googe says that the team is looking forward to this weekend’s challenges. The team’s goal to have a winning Ivy League season is within reach. The Red’s 3-2 record means they need to win at least one of the matches this weekend.
“Everybody is peaking right now and that’s what we’ve been aiming for. So I think everybody has a great shot all the way down the line,” Googe said.
“The team has been playing well, so I think for our last weekend everyone will step up to the plate and play some great tennis,” Glitz said.
The men’s team faces both Penn and Princeton this weekend. Undeafeated Penn is the only team that has beaten Princeton and both will present a significant challenge for the Red. The Red, with a 1-4 record going into this weekend, has a tough schedule for its last conference matches. Last year, both Penn and Princeton defeated the Red. The team hopes for a change this year and looks to end its losing streak in its final weekend of Ivy League play.