April 24, 2007

Duke Agrees Not to Sue T.I.

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After becoming the center of controversy earlier this month for allegedly failing to fulfill a contract to perform, Duke University has decided not to pursue legal action against this year’s Slope Day headliner T.I., according to The Duke Chronicle.
The Chronicle reported earlier this month that Duke University Union, which organizes activities on campus, had a contract with T.I. to play for at least 60 minutes at Duke’s Cameron Rocks! concert. The rapper reportedly only played for 40 minutes.
The Office of Student Activities and Facilities paid T.I. the full $70,000 compensation for his performance, according to The Chronicle.
“We’ll let [T.I.’s agency] know our serious concerns about what transpired at the concert,” said Chris Roby, director of Duke’s Office of Student Activities and Facilities. “I’m not an attorney, but I have the sense that to litigate would cost more than what we would get back.”
Concerns over alienating future acts factored into Duke’s decision.
“T.I. has the largest agent in the country,” said Katelyn Donnelly, president of Duke University Union. “If we were to continue to push for legal action, we could damage our relationship and ability to bring performers to Duke in the future.”
Donnelly also told The Chronicle that the group will make time limits more explicit in future contracts.
“I feel that T.I. really disrespected us, our time and our money,” she said. “I’m just as angry as they are and wanted something to be resolved from this.”
Other acts for next week’s Slope Day are TV on the Radio and Catch 22.

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