April 26, 2007

Test Spin: Grinderman

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It’s almost too easy to imagine a dank, smoky bar filled with mustachioed gents and tattooed women when listening to Grinderman. That being said, Grinderman manages to pull a little farther beyond those immediate images.Tracks range from the, for lack of a better word, grinding to the static and settled. Nick Cave’s strong yet smooth vocals aid in this shift, lending the beefy voice that such a band warrants. The opening track, “Get It On,” sets the tone of a fast paced, reverb filled journey. This perception is certainly reaffirmed by the laughable, clever, yet easily relatable “No Pussy Blues.” Towards the middle of the album, the cool and calm jam “Go Tell The Woman,” provides a refreshing lull. Unfortunately, Grinderman doesn’t finish out as strong as hoped, dishing out the generic “Love Bomb.” All in all, Grinderman certainly brings a dynamic take on fun bar room rock.