April 26, 2007

Weather for April 26, 2007

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Yes, I know. I’m that guy. You know, that guy who you probably cursed out several times yesterday. But being a meteorologist, I am allowed to get things wrong once in a while, aren’t I? I did think the rain was going to stay to our south yesterday, but it didn’t. Darn it!!! Anyway, today there is a good chance for rain showers, as the low pressure system in the Midwest yesterday heads towards us. We will warm up tomorrow, as we will be in the warm sector of this low pressure system (under the warm front). There is even a slight chance for a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon, but I’d say that will only happen if we get a decent amount of sunlight on Friday. So beware, golfers! Saturday is looking like the damp/dreary day of the weekend, while Sunday and the beginning of next week are looking fine as of now.