April 27, 2007

Still Got To Rap Like A Mummy

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Lately I’ve been involved in a novel activity called studying. It’s discouraging and as it gets closer to morning I am, understandably, more inclined to go to sleep than continue from Labor Law to American History. The key to staying awake, I’ve found, is music. That seems to be my answer to most things, but in this case it really works. In my limited experience, starting with a little reggae is a nice palate cleanser that keeps one awake and bobbing ones head while not unduly distracting. Desmond Dekker was a particularly welcome study accompaniment tonight. As it gets later though, some of that hard shit is in order. Tonight’s recommendation is Dr. Dre’s second true masterpiece, Chronic 2001. I challenge anyone to listen to “Still D.R.E.” and not immediately wake up. While it does keep one awake it also has the unexpected side effect of encouraging a neglecting of school work in order to go smoke some of that “real sticky-icky” but that’s besides the point (don’t do drugs, kids!). At any rate, if I end up graduating from this University I will have the good Doctor to thank. And now, back to work.