May 1, 2007

Public Engagement and Science Communication

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MAY 14, 2007 in G10 Biotech
* 12:20pm KEYNOTE SPEAKER Richard Gallagher, editor and publisher of The Scientist
* 1:30-3:30pm POSTER SHOWCASE of CAT funded faculty research from 2006-2007
* 2pm PANEL DISCUSSION on Science Communication to the broader audience-what facilitates or impedes this interaction? Featuring Graeme Bailey, Computer Sci, Paul Bartishevich, Fingerlakes Productions International, and Steven Strogatz, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics.
* Announcement of Poster Competition WINNERS: First Prize is a $10,000 award given to the faculty member whose poster best communicates their research project themes and results to a lay audience; Second Prize : a $1,000 travel grant for presentation of project results at a relevant meeting
* RECEPTION to follow poster showcase
Email [email protected] for additional information.

G10 Biotechnology building

* COST: Free and open to the public