May 2, 2007

Full Student Trustee Results Announced

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According to a recent announcement by the Office of the Assemblies, 3,944 students voted in the recent student trustee election. All undergraduate and graduate students were eligible, so about 20,000 people could have voted. The official winner was Kate Duch ’09.

Last year, 3,047 students voted, according to The Sun’s archives. This year’s election was quite different from last year, when only four students ran. Two were disqualified before the results were announced.

This year, there were 13 candidates, and none were disqualified for violating campaign rules.

The votes are counted using the Hare-Clark method, meaning that second, third and higher choice votes are taken into account.
After the first votes are counted, the lowest vote getter is excluded; voters who choose the excluded candidate as their first choice then have their second-choice votes counted. This process is repeated until there is only one candidate left.

In the first stage, the highest vote getters were: Ola Williams ’10 with 623 votes; Duch with 620 votes; Grayson Fahrner ’08 with 603. Williams and Fahrner were also the last two people to be excluded.

The first candidate excluded was Peirce Stern, who only received 51 top votes.

Full results are available on the website of the Office of the Assemblies.

Stage Highest Vote Getter Excluded (Least Votes)
1 Ola Williams ’10 (623) Peirce Stern ’10 (51)
2 Williams (633) Iris Delgado ’09 (54)
3 Williams (656) Chris Gunderson ’09 (79)
4 Williams (660) Karthik Rammohan ’09 (159)
5 Williams (679) Brain Wolfel ’10 (177)
6 Williams (691) Julie Cantor ’09 (221)
7 Williams (721) Julie Geng ’08 (344)
8 Williams (773) Michael McDermott ’09 (389)
9 Kate Duch ’09 (824) Jason Brown ’08 (475)
10 Duch (925) Graham Rengert ’09 (590)
11 Williams (1020) Grayson Farhner ’08 (969)
12 Duch (1312) Williams (1197)
13 Duch (1773)

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