May 3, 2007

Best of Cornell and Ithaca

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Best Pizza
Collegetown Pizza
Well, we certainly don’t need to tell you where it is, but you may have trouble finding it behind the throngs of people who gather there around 1 a.m.
Best Hamburger
In one of the tighest categories, this Collegetown restaurant/bar won out in the end.
Honorable Mention: Glenwood Pines

Best Place to Hear Live Music
The Nines
This Collegetown bar is even accessible to students between 18 and 21 on certain nights.
Honorable Mention: ABC Café
Best Coffee
Off Campus: Stella’s
One of the few double winners, Stella’s brews some mean coffee and espresso drinks, complete with cute names.

On Campus: Gimme!
It’s local, it’s yummy, and it’s always brewed well. Can’t it be in every café and cafeteria at Cornell?

Best Dessert
This Commons restaurant may serve dinner, but it is certainly most memorable for its wine and sweets.
Best Fries
Curly Fries, Ivy Room
This pay-as-you-go eatery in the Straight has some of the best fries we’ve ever tasted. More seasoning, please.
Honorable Mention: Sweet Potato Fries, the Terrace in Statler
Best Place to See a Movie
Cornell Cinema
Ithaca boasts its fair share of movie theaers, old and new, but Cornell Cinema will always have a special charm. It
might be the hard, velvet seats. It might be the student discount. But the eclectic and often unusual selection of
films is simply the best around.
Best C-Town Bar
This was a heavily contested category, but this Collegetown restaurant/bar is frequented by Sun editors and staff,
especially when we’re looking for some tequila sunrises.
Best Place to Get a Drink Midweek
This Collegetown restaurant/coffeeshop/bar works for us at all hours of the day and night.
Best Japanese Food
Plum Tree
This Collegetown restaurant may often seem like a bar on
Friday and Saturday nights, but don’t be mistaken. They serve
some of the best food in Collegetown — cooked and raw.
Best Brunch
Carriage House
This Stewart Avenue coffeeshop/restaurant with
baked goods to go can satisy your every need, but
no time is better than brunch here.
Best Soup
Temple of Zeus
Students and faculty
alike clamor so much
about soup from this
cafe in Goldwin Smith
that some arrive before
breakfast just to get a
taste. Note: Temple of
Zeus is not affiliated
with Cornell Dining.
Best Place to Work Out
Noyes Community Center
This new West Campus facility
offers some of the “least
dingy” equipment around.
However, plan your gym schedule
accordingly, as this gym is
often packed with sweaty

Winners voted by members of Sun Staff

Compiled by:
Sammy Perlmutter
Sun Arts & Entertainment Editor

and Rebecca Shoval
Sun Managing Editor

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