May 3, 2007

Test Spin: Dr. Who Dat?

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From deep under the covers of obscurity, Dr. Who Dat? (aka Jneiro Jarel) drops Beat Journey, an instrumental clumping of jazz and hip-hop. The Doctor, fluent in both genres, is gentle and accessible; his sophistication could take him much further away. But with feet firmly on the ground, he has made the soundtrack for a great stroll. Xylophones and organs brighten “On the Doelow,” a testimony of loneliness and paranoia backed by pithy snippets of rap. It’s an isolation with benefits for someone whose “only homie is these beats.” “Deep Blaque” is something else. It’s more digital than the others, and the droning, spacey piano lets Jarel’s only words “the deep black” burrow into your head. And “Ageless Daisy” has a drum loop so inviting even my Dad (who, coincidentally, I call “the ageless daisy”) could step to it. Jarel stays mum on the track, which works, because for him, the poetry is in the noise.