June 1, 2007

Lesson One: Break the Law

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At some point or another, you’ve disagreed with some law. Maybe you think marijuana should be legal, maybe you think 12 year olds should be able to drink, or maybe you think drug addled teenagers should be able to carry concealed weapons.
It doesn’t really matter what you think, because “The Man” doesn’t really care what you think. The Man has laws set up against such irresponsible behavior, so what can you do? You can disregard those laws.
I’m not saying you should disregard all laws, but if you sincerely disagree with one or two there is no point in blindly following them. Life is pretty dull when you stick to the rules, slightly interesting when you break the rules, and really wild when you actually get caught.
If you’re still not convinced that following the law is the wrong thing to do think of American History. Our country was founded by people opposed to British law, and don’t tell it’s different because they fought for independence. Trust me, they tried to get away with it first, and if they did, we’d still be bowing to the Queen.
So if for no other reason, you should break the law because it’s the American thing to do.