June 1, 2007

Lesson Two: Put Yourself on Youtube

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There was a time when you used to actually have some semblance of talent to become famous. This started to change with television, specifically MTV and reality shows. These shows opened up the spotlight for a limited number of talentless people each year, but the chances of actually getting on were pretty low.
Then the internet appeared, which gave us a completely unregulated place that billions of people had access to. More and more individuals with almost no skill whatsoever were becoming famous by the day. The internet had one flaw though. It was too big. Where were we supposed to look for all of this stuff?
Finally the internet came up with an answer. Youtube. Youtube, is currently the easiest way for a no-name talentless slob (like you!) to get exposure. You can lip-synch to songs creating hilarious music videos or write your own content. It doesn’t really matter!
As long as you do this enough times, somebody, somewhere will actually see something you did. They may even like it and tell their friends. The next thing you know, you have over a million views. It’s just that simple. Plus, the worst case scenario for you (you’re so bad it’s funny) is a plus to all of your friends who will ceaselessly taunt you for it. So really it’s win-win.
I look forward to seeing you on there in the future and feel free to post particularly great Youtube links in the comments section.