June 2, 2007

Brits Just Do it Better

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In my humblest of opinions, the best part of summer is catching up on the television that you missed or just never saw. My recent favorite: Skins. Take the trashiest, most oversexed American teen TV show, remove the censors and multiply by a million. Skins is about a group of friends in a public college (basically high school) in London who are completely open with each other about sex, drugs and whatever else comes along. Whether it’s a testament to British culture being more openly raunchy (some of the dialogue was so blunt that I even blanched) than America, or proving once again that America is a country that was formed by prudes, I don’t know. But it’s definitely one of the more amusing shows to pick up for the summer — and its non-apologetic, honest tone is a refreshing change from the crap that’s left over on the CW after they cancelled their good shows. Get it on Netflix, Amazon, or the less legal ways I can’t advertise on the Sun website.