June 2, 2007

Summer Blogging at The Sun

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From the Editor

During the summertime, The Sun usually puts up a simple message at the top of our website, indicating that we’ll have a largely static front page online over the next three months. Most other college newspapers do the same, as staff writers and editors end up scattering to all corners of the world. This summer, however, we want to provide our readers with something new to read on our website regularly, and so we present an entirely new section: blogging.

You may have already noticed a few blog posts going up; some are on sports, others are about politics or technology. We’ve kept these loosely related to Cornell; in fact, they are more a glimpse of how some of our bloggers spend their summers. While The Sun will continue to bring you breaking news about Cornell and Ithaca on our main page, we plan to prominently feature blogs — a dynamic mix of news as well as opinion — on all kinds of topics. As indicated within our opinions section, the opinions expressed within these blogs are views held solely by their authors, not by The Sun.

Let us know what you think of our blogs at [email protected] as we continue to refine this new feature, and we hope you enjoy your summers.

— JG