June 2, 2007

Well, Maybe I'm a Little Ashamed

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I am finally coming out of the closet and admitting it – I love Gossip Girl. What I hated was the whole set of crap-elitist-fantasy-novels that wanted to cash in on Cecily Von Zegeizer’s glory. But I have finally found one that I will say I am not ashamed to promote – Secret Society Girl, an Ivy League novel. It’s basically Gossip Girl style (except only in first person) but relocated in the hallowed halls of Yale, with a bit of Joshua Jackson’s The Skulls thrown in. It’s trash, but it’s fun, uber-pretentious trash – throwing out references to the hallowed Ivy League and literature that the author obviously feels her readers should know in the same way the Gossip Girl genre throws out references to the rich and famous. What’s best is that the book always knows it’s pure camp, and never apologizes. It’ll make you wish (even for a second) that our beloved ‘Nell boasted secret societies that aren’t quite so… dorky.