June 6, 2007

Lesson Three: Be Obsessed

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I’m going to let all of you in on a little secret. The world is pretty lazy. If you choose to sit alone in the dark for days on end, chances are a majority of the world won’t notice. It just keeps on going on without you. Anyways, here’s the point of the depressing introduction: individuals need to inject excitement into their own lives.

To achieve that goal, I suggest that you become totally obsessed with something. I’m talking about deranged-stalker-obsessed. There’s no better way to control your happiness than to have it completely rely on things out of your control. Even better, your obsession can be as broad or focused as you want. You could be obsessed with art, television, movies, music, an artist, a show, a director, a band, a celebrity, a girl, a boy, animals, a specific animal, random inanimate objects, a specific inanimate object, and the list goes on (although it keeps getting creepier and creepier).

Yet, being just being obsessed isn’t good enough. You need to act on your obsession in some way. You don’t want to be that creepy emo kid sitting along in his room carving a girl’s name into his arm. You want to be that psychotic kid camped out in that girl’s backyard refusing to leave until she goes out with you (or her dad beats you up). Of course there are also constructive ways to channel your obsession. You can pursue whatever it is that you want until you obtain it. If you are obsessed with art, you could create art. If you’re obsessed with a celebrity, you could start a fan club. If you’re obsessed with a girl, you could woo her. But knowing you, it probably wouldn’t work. Well, there’s always kidnapping. Regardless, being obsessed with something is a way to give your life meaning that you may not find anywhere else.