June 29, 2007

Altering the Course

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Last week, my family welcomed our eighth cousin into this world, a beautiful eight pound baby girl. Anne Rose McMorris — a beautiful name. Although, it was not the name that my uncle and aunt had in mind for the newest McMorris; they wanted to call her Stephanie. But life would be hard enough for a person born with Down syndrome without having to learn such a long and complicated name; my father’s younger brother decided to spare his third daughter such a daunting task.

My aunt Maria, who had almost lost her own life in both of her previous two pregnancies, was just happy that the new baby did not have any physical problems: “God doesn’t give you blessings you can’t handle,” she said to me in the hospital.

This attitude baffled the doctors caring for her; you could tell by the looks on their faces. One of the “more caring” gynecologists was discussing different specialists that could help my aunt and uncle. She related to our family the story of a couple that found out their coming newborn would have Down syndrome and in her story, one phrase stuck out in my mind. The gynecologist explained that since the family was religious, they did not want to “alter the course of the pregnancy.”

You see, in the medical world, aborting a baby because you don’t want it falls under “family planning.” If you do want a baby, but it does not turn out exactly like you want it is called “altering the course of the pregnancy.” These are the disingenuous word games that liberals use to seem compassionate when really they just want to kill some babies. By substituting terms like “choice,” “family planning,” and “altering the course” for abortion, liberals consciously deceive and muddle the debate.

Pro-lifers, on the other hand, have no problem outlining their position because we know our cause doesn’t need to be sold under false pretenses. After all, you have never heard a pro-lifer defend an abortion clinic shooter on the grounds that he was simply “altering” the course of a doctor’s life.