July 31, 2007

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Founded in 1880, The Cornell Daily Sun, one of the nation’s oldest daily college newspapers and one of the strongest organizations on campus, is and always has been completely independent from Cornell University. The newspaper serves the Cornell campus and its surrounding community in Ithaca, New York.The Sun is entirely student-run, publishing Monday through Friday during the academic year, with special Graduation and Freshman issues and continuing online publication during the summer.

Working for The Sun is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have at Cornell. From day one, you’ll get to see how things work in the newspaper business, from any perspective that you can imagine, whether it be on-the-ground reporting, advertising sales, web and print design, information technology management, or anything in between.

The Sun expects no prior experience from any new staff. The first thing you will do at The Sun is to go through an extensive training process known as "compet" that will ensure that you learn all the skills you need to succeed.

Below is a listing of the eight departments of The Sun, along with a short description of what a typical staff member in that department is responsible for, and a link to apply for that department. Feel free to apply for as many as you want — except you cannot be work for Business or Opinion and another department at the same time. We also highly encourage you to attend one of our organizational meetings, held at the beginning of each semester. All the editors will be present at these meetings, so they are the perfect chance to have all of your questions answered.

Part-Time Employment Opportunity

The Sun is looking to hire a part-time IT manager for our State Street offices. For more information, please visit this page.

Student Opportunities


Where there’s Cornell and Ithaca news, The Sun is there to cover it.
The News Department is currently looking for talented and dedicated
individuals with strong writing skills and an interest in reporting.
We cover a range of topics and operate though a beat system. Our staff
will train you in AP style, interviewing technique and give you the
research and new media skills necessary to jumpstart a career, or
develop a hobby, in news reporting.

Apply for News.


Sports are a huge part of this Ivy League university.
The Big Red compete in dozens of different sports at the varsity level,
and The Sun is there to cover them all. As a sports reporter, you’ll
work your beat, get to know the coaches and players, follow the teams
on the road, and break the big stories first. Besides, everyone reads
the back page first, anyway.

Apply for Sports.


Do you have an opinion? Great, we’re listening. On the
Op-Ed pages of the paper, you’ll get a regular chance to make your
voice heard to the entire Ithaca community, and to the entire world
through the Internet. Writing for The Sun will help to hone your
writing skills, and who knows, maybe you’ll even convince some of your
staunchest opponents that in the end, you were right.

Apply for Opinion.

Arts and Entertainment

As a writer for Arts and Entertainment, you’ll get a chance to review the latest
music, movies, theater performances and more. In addition to the
top-name performers that show up in Ithaca all the time, you’ll also
have a chance to interview lesser-known talent and bring their story to
life on the pages of The Sun every day.

Apply for Arts and Entertainment.


Are you interested in finance, advertising, sales, and/or marketing? Do you want to participate in running a for-profit, financially independent student-run newspaper? If so, come join the Business Board of The Cornell Daily Sun! As a member of the Business Department, you will have the opportunity to help manage the Paper’s annual operating revenue, generate and design new print & online advertising, negotiate contracts, and promote The Sun’s brand around campus. Don’t miss out on a great way to meet other ambitious Cornell students and take part in the business side of Cornell’s most widely known student newspaper!

Apply for Business.


The Photo department is looking to recruit dedicated, enthusiastic individuals with interest in photography. Applicants must be able and willing to dedicate significant time to taking photos for The Sun at least one day per week. Experience and/or equipment are not required, but are a plus!

Apply for Photo.


Every night, student designers at The Sun lay out and
publish every single one of the dozens of pages inside the day’s issue
of the paper. As a designer, you’ll get to work closely with every
department, as well as gaining experience in the fields of digital
print and graphics design. Plus, you’ll get to see your handiwork on
the newsstands every single day of publication.

Apply for Design.

Web — Development and Design

Web is The Sun’s newest and fastest-growing department.
As a member of the Web department, you’ll find plenty of opportunities
to define the course for CornellSun.com, a site visited by thousands of
readers every day, even when the print edition of The Sun isn’t in
publication. If you’re a programmer or web designer, Web is the place for you.

Apply for Web.

Red Letter Daze

Red Letter Daze is The Sun’s weekly magazine supplement. Published on Thursdays, it covers a variety of more off-beat and fun topics than the regular paper does. Daze has opportunities for reporters, columnists and designers.

Apply for Daze.

Web — Blogs and New Media (non-video)

Take full advantage of new media fields empowered by the Internet has become a very high priority for The Sun.
Bloggers are not constrained by the physical limitations of the print paper, and their blogs can include web-only content such as links and YouTube videos.

Apply for Web.

Web — Video Production and Editing

The Sun is looking for passionate people interested in shooting, producing and publishing video for cornellsun.com. Videographers cover everything from breaking news to sporting events to concerts. Experience is not required — we will train you to use our equipment and teach you how to interview — but dedication and interest are critical!

Apply for Video.