September 6, 2007

Record Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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From the first resounding downbeats and continuous cymbal-crashing of Brian Chase’s drumming on “Rockers to Swallow” it’s evident that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest effort is brimming with their patented formula of raw energy and excess. In just 18 minutes, the NYC trio captures a heavy sound similar to their debut album. Driven mostly by guitarist Nick Zinner’s palm muted chords and immense riffs, they are able to transform some of their earlier live staples into more polished and concentrated ballads. Singer Karen O provides her usual vocal histrionics, shifting from quiet crooning on the solemn “Down Boy” to animalistic exclamations on the lagging reverb-drenched “Isis.” Nick Launay’s steady production bring to life Zinner’s talent on “10×10,”as his sweeping volume swells and deft tremolo picking provide a haunting backdrop. Although Is Is falls out of sync at times, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the most part are able to harness their explosive sound, piecing together a very solid collection of songs.