September 6, 2007

The Bias Cut

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Before walking down College Avenue, I usually have to take a deep breath and prepare myself for the abundance of girls that will be wearing leggings. Let me first admit that I happen to be a fan of the leggings look and its ability to turn a long top into a great outfit. However, I do think a great deal of leggings patrons on campus have been too busy doing their problem sets to read the fine print on the packaging. I am pretty sure that somewhere next to size and color on the package, there is a warning that when used improperly, disaster may strike. Just because leggings are trendy and easy to wear doesn’t mean that throwing them on makes you fashionable. A few thoughts before you throw on those glorified spandex. First off, pay close attention to what you put on with them — an ugly purple shirt is no less ugly (or purple) for being worn with a black pair of leggings. Just because you might have gotten a free shirt for eating a whole pizza in one sitting doesn’t necessarily mean it is appropriate to wear. I would also give a second thought to winning such a contest; pick your battles shrewdly. Leggings should be used primarily when you have something cute that needs something to go with it, not “I have a pair of leggings lets throw something on.” Two, Leggings are not a staple. Do not wear them to the gym, class and then again later that night at Dino’s. Please be considerate of the onlookers, classmates, those you break bread with, and the occasional boy whose attention you’re trying to get the attention of. We also understand that when in a rush you might decide to pull off the spandex, big sunglasses and Prada bag look because it’s easy. But if you adopt it as a daily habit I might just have to sentence you to Balch, permanently. Leggings are NOT pants. Make sure your shirt/dress/whatever you are wearing on top (and PLEASE wear something on top) is long enough to cover your backside. Although your backside might be covered let us remember that it is never appropriate to pull a Lindsay or a Britney. Cover up! Lastly, always remember that different looks are meant for different body types. Just because leggings look good on Mischa Barton and those select few who are blessed with Kate Moss body type, doesn’t mean they will look good on you. Until today I was unaware that there was a nickname for the excess fat on your love handles that rolls over on your leggings. Apparently this look is called muffin toppin’, and I advise you to retire your leggings if you’re doubting yourself right now. Let’s remember leggings are a revived trend that can die soon. Use them wisely or you might have to wait another decade to wear them again.