September 11, 2007

City News

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Ithaca School District Addresses Equity Among Students
Academic support, curriculum, supplemental programs, staff development, family and community advocacy and involvement, and recruitment and retention are six specific points the Ithaca City School District outlined in its plan to improve equity for students.
The ICSD will focus on state exam scores, graduation rates and attendance among different student groups: disadvantaged students, non-economical disadvantaged students, Native American, Latino, black, white and Asian students, students with disabilities, and those without. To efficiently improve equity among students, the ICSD has organized teachers, administrators and community members into six teams, each concentrating on one point by formulating concrete steps the district can put feasibility into action.

Bowl-O-Drome to Re-Open
Bowl-O-Drome, a bowling alley on Third Street, has been in Ithaca since 1960 and is finally open after its prolonged closure due to the completion of substantial interior renovations. The changes include new carpet, tables, chairs, ceiling and the lanes themselves. Television monitors are now used as scoring boards, and air conditioning will be installed in the near future. The total cost of the renovations is estimated at $500,000.