September 13, 2007

Office vs. Grey's

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So I know this is probably shallow and that there are much bigger issues my housemates and I should be concerned about. But on September 27th at 9 pm, there’s going to be a battle. Over our television. From all logical standpoints, it should be a great night. Season premieres of both The Office and Grey’s Anatomy? Brilliant. My long awaited cravings for both witty, intelligent comedy and melodramatic, girly theatrics will be satiated. I can watch The Office first and then turn to ABC for Grey’s just like last year… except I totally can’t. The hotshots over at NBC apparently decided it would be a fantastic idea to move Jim and Pam into the same timeslot as Meredith and McDreamy.

The decision kind of offends me, personally. I feel like NBC is trying to manipulate me into choosing the “smart” show over the ridiculous one. Whatever, network executives. I can appreciate Molière and still enjoy Cosmo. Only now, apparently, I’ll have to catch one of them in reruns. Hence the great debate at my house. I live with quite a number of Office fans… and a few girls who really, really love Grey’s. The arguments have already started. It’s looking at this point like the majority is going to win out and that our house TV will be turned to NBC on the 27th.

But the question remains – what’s a fan of both shows to do? I’ve been making lists of pros and cons in my physics class, pondering whether laughing at Rainn Wilson’s comedic chops is better than throwing things at the screen whenever George and Izzie are together. Laughter is probably a better way to spend my Thursday nights than angst, I know. But the truth is, bonding over those theatrics with the other girls who love Grey’s is part of what makes watching so much fun. I have a feeling I’ll end up watching The Office premiere. The following week, though, I may just have to round up a few girls and find another TV playing Grey’s. There’s an entire season of television ahead of us. Maybe an alternating diet of raw wit and cotton candy fluff is the smartest solution of all.