September 13, 2007

Smellerific: Seven. M Seven.

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Although I was drenched Saturday night as I made a foolish run from The Straight back to North Campus in the pouring rain, the outing gave me an excuse to wear M7 by YSL.
This baby was made for the cool, rainy nights Ithaca is infamous for. Your chills and body spasms will instantly melt away as you get a whiff of the strong woods that persist from the beginning to the end of this fragrance. The bitter orange in the top notes melts away quickly, giving in to the dominating agarwood middle.
And after the woody middle has dried your body and warmed your soul, the real magic happens. The scent gets slightly sweeter and inexorably sexier as it progresses into the base notes.
Imagine James Bond wearing this cologne. Not these new imposter Bonds — I’m talking about the old school, masculine and undeniably sexy Bond of the 1960s.
Wear M7 when you’re out driving your Aston Martin through moonlit, foggy roads with a slight drizzle on your windshield. Or, when you want to imagine you are.

5 Stars.